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To improve the lives of all we serve.

Our core values drive every decision we make professionally and personally.

Our Mission



As we serve our clients, earn their trust, and build strong relationships, we choose to:

  • Be happy

  • Communicate openly and honestly

  • Live with passion

  • Put clients' needs first, always

  • Show gratitude, always

  • Persist until we succeed

  • Act with integrity always

  • Exceed expectations

  • Create amazing experiences

  • Stay humble

  • Be respectful

  • Be positive

We welcome & support others to achieve their own success!

Our Core Values
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We are Rick and Casey Geha.

Are you making a move and need an agent, or just some quick, good advice? We'd be happy to strings attached!

Are you a real estate agent or salesperson that wants to up your game?  Please sign up to join our weekly coaching call - it's FREE and FUN.

Do you know you aren't fulfilling your life's potential, and need some inspiration to turn things around? We love coaching and teaching, because everyone benefits when anyone does better...please call! 

Do you work in real estate - or want to - and are interested in joining our team?? We're always looking for ambitious, positive people...drop us a line any time.

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Meet Rick and Casey
the Team


Meet The Team

Tracey McNeely

Listing Partner, Realtor®
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Cindy Cashen

Lead Buyer Specialist, Realtor®
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Anthony Geha

Buyer Specialist, Realtor®
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Glen Riggs

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Marissa 2647 Hi Res_edited.png

Marissa Nasol-Ballesteros

Buyer Specialist, Realtor®
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Selina Galanis

VP of Marketing
Growth & Operations
the Rick Geha Team


Real Estate Agents!

Are you where you should be?

SPOILER ALERT! The answer is YES. There's a very good reason you're there right now


But are you where do you WANT to be?


Rick been an agent for over 40 YEARS, and he has trained or coached thousands of agents. He has seen it all, he has done it all... he has screwed up, and he has had years where he cleared over a million dollars!


This career can be a roller coaster - but Rick has learned to truly enjoy the ride. Now, his greatest passion is paying it forward in the industry...helping real estate professionals DO and BE their absolute best. 


In the next few months, we are hoping to invite a few ambitious, ethical, hard-working agents to join our team. We love working with people, long-term...helping them achieve their wildest dreams of professional and personal greatness!


If you're the right person, and if you're willing to "walk the talk," Rick and his team will personally bring all their wisdom and experience (plus leads and resources) to support and SUPERCHARGE your career. 

Join The Rick Geha Team
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